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My name is Nimo, I graduated in December of 2009 with a BSc in Accounting and a Minor in International Relations. During the course of my college career I changed my mind several times, first declaring an Interior Design major ,only to find myself confronting the reality of my abominable sketches after my first semester. My second semester abounded with tempations to major in International Studies, a subject that has grasped my interest since childhood. Since the age of six or seven, I have been fascinated with the world, and have fond memories of playing geographic quiz games on a globe with my siblings.

I resisted the urge to make International Studies my major because I simply was not confident in the post-graduation employment prospects. Soon thereafter I decided to pursue my third calling - Accounting. Mathematics was my favorite subject in in middle and high school, and I have always had a keen interest in business and finance, so this was a straight-forward decison. I was able to combine a subject I could enjoy and that was highly marketable and flexible with a subject I could genuinely get lost in. Armed with an Accounting/International Relations combination I was certain I was braced for the job market and a diverse, fulfilling career.

This blog is called Nimo-ism because ...well because where I think I advance in analytics, I recede in creativity. Nimo-ism represents the collective doctrine of my myriad thoughts on the subjects of globalization,international relations, global economics and international politics. The latter is my least preferred subject, as I reckon that politics permeate every common issue, therefore it is more effective to focus on the individual subject.

My goal is simply to continually challenge myself to articulate my thoughts in order to better undertsand the globe that I mirthfully spun as a child. Ideological friend or foe- please feel free to contribute.

Feel free to send all questions, comments or otherwise to 77orchids at

For those who are equally interested in international relations and fashion, check out my new venture.

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