Guest Posts

I'm not certain who first professed this , but it has become one of my  motto's. 
On any given day,you are either growing or dying

In my opinion, the best way to grow is to seek the knowledge and wisdom of others and to aggregate this upon one's own. On that note, I invite you to share your insights as a guest blogger on Nimo-ism..

The Guidelines
  • 600-800 words of  material directly or indirectly related  to the topics of globalization, international relations, and global economics.
  • The material must be original, and never published before on the internet
  • The material may not be posted elsewhere on the internet
    • Linking to the guest post is perfectly appropriate
Chosen guest bloggers will receive a detailed biography and picture with a link to your site on a dedicated page for guest bloggers.

To submit your post,
Email me
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