Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All The World's Estranged- I

* Google Translate may be necessary for some of these links

Transfer of troops from Okinawa,Japan to the US territory of Guam expected to increase the island's population by 50%

As unemployment and national debts are compunded worldwide, this author questions whether China should succum to pressure to increase the value of the yuan

For the first time in 36 years a  US ambassador to Libya arrived in 2008, but over a year later, Libyan trade official Mohamed Tahar Siala is calling out the US on dragging its feet to implement its side of the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), a trade agreement between the two countries

You might not be able to pick up a pound of Kenya blend coffee next time you visit your local gourmet coffee shop, as production of coffee in Kenya and Uganda decreases 

Japan plans to continue whaling in Antarctica despite the threat of legal action by Australia

The fossil of an extinct four-legged animal found in Antarctica 30 years ago continues to propel paleontology experts who claim that many species sought refuge in Antarctica to avoid extinction over 250 million years ago


New credit card laws supported by the Credit Card Accountability ,Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD Act) go into effect on Monday March 1

The news media have been haphazardly tossing around statistics that are intended to boost our financial ego's but the truth is, statistics do not matter to us if we are not a part of it. Perhaps this is why stimulus initiatives are ineffective.

Colombia  is faced with disapproval from the Spanish principlaity of Asturias in regards to an Colombia-EU trade agreement. The Asturian Human Rights Commision plans to show evidence of human rights violations in Colombia.

Latin American and Caribbean countries are coming together to form a united front for the purpose of eradicating poverty ,reducing economic inequality and boosting economic development

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to apologize to abused victims of the Child Migrant Programme

Transparency in appointment of EU Commission ambassador to US called into question as protocol is ignored

Airline strikes must be fashionable in February, as French air traffic controllers strike within 48 hours of a srike by German airline Lufthansa's pilots

 The 14th round of trade negotiations between Australia and China, its largest trading partner, resume as Australia insists on further investment in China

Migration of Muslims to Australia continues to be the target topic of hate groups.

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