Thursday, February 18, 2010

Case of the Februarys

Its Tax Time- everyone's least favorite time of the year for a reason:

- Robert Hershey at the NYT discusses what you should consider when determining your tax strategies

- Just to make sure the recession has hit your financial ego hard enough, David Wessel of WSJ dares to bring up the subject of the tax returns of the top 400 taxpayers and Bloomberg News' 
and Bloomberg News' Ryan J. Donmoyer follows suit, teasing you with their Cap Gains and income statistics

- Filing your taxes may actually take second place to a dentist appointment as you rleast favorite chore if you qualify for the Make Work Pay tax credit 

- The new year is a great time to make fresh starts, so if you resolved to make better financial decisions, consider NYT's David Cay Johnston's two cents on effecting  some changes in your Roth IRA contributions and personal finance topics

- If attached to your hip, you find an iPhone, then consider Mint's suggestions on useful iphone apps for personal finance, including the MileBug which tracks your mileage for expense deductions. Use your handy iphone to search for other useful apps such as  the Federal Tax Calculator app

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